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The Ultimate Guide to the Best Beachfront Restaurants for Cruise Visitors in Anguilla

Updated: Mar 18

elvis bar
ElvisBeach Bar- Voted best beach bar on AXA

Welcome to Anguilla, an exquisite Caribbean destination renowned for its pristine white-sand beaches, crystal-clear waters, and warm hospitality. As your cruise ship docks on this idyllic island, your quest for the finest beachfront dining experience begins. Most cruise ships anchor in Road Bay / Sandy Ground. Once you’re ashore, you can visit one of the many walkable restaurants or take a taxi to one that is further away. This is your guide to the best beachfront restaurants for cruise visitors in Anguilla.


Elvis Beach Bar: A Short Walk From Cruise Ships & Vibrant Celebration of Caribbean Spirit

Our first recommendation is the lively Elvis Beach Bar. Voted the best beach bar in AXA, Elvis is conveniently situated along the shores of Sandy Ground. More than just a restaurant, it is a celebration of the Caribbean spirit, combining music, beach games, and authentic Mexican flavors for an unparalleled beachfront experience.


Signature Dishes with a Focus on Local Ingredients and Authentic Mexican Flavors


Mexican food at Elvis' Beach Bar

Indulge in signature dishes that showcase the freshest local ingredients and bring the authentic flavors of Mexican cuisine to the Caribbean. Favorites include the Nacho Supreme, Fish Tacos, Goatchos, and Jerk Chicken.


Atmosphere and Ambience


Immerse yourself in the lively energy of Elvis Beach Bar, where beach games, island vibes, and rhythmic beats create an atmosphere of pure joy. Whether for a leisurely lunch or a lively evening with friends, the vibrant ambiance perfectly complements the sun-soaked surroundings.


Proximity to the Cruise Ship Port for Convenience


map elvis beach bar sandy ground

Strategically located within walking distance from the cruise port, Elvis Beach Bar ensures a seamless transition from ship to shore. Experience the best of Anguilla's beach games, island vibes, and authentic Mexican delights without compromising on the breathtaking beauty of Sandy Ground.


Straw Hat: A Short Taxi Ride From Crusie Ships to Find Gourmet Delights Amidst the Tranquil Meads Bay

Beachside dining & beach service available at Straw Hat

Our second recommendation, Straw Hat, beckons cruise visitors to a serene beach setting on Meads Bay Beach. Offering gourmet delights, this restaurant invites you to savor culinary excellence amidst the tranquility of one of Anguilla's most picturesque landscapes.


Signature Dishes with a Focus on Local Flavors and Seafood


Indulge in dishes that harmonize the finest local ingredients with international culinary influences. Customer favorites include conch fritters, snapper, and mahi mahi.


Atmosphere and Ambience


Immerse yourself in the laid-back luxury of Straw Hat, where the gentle waves provide a soothing soundtrack to your dining experience. The ambiance is a seamless blend of casual elegance and beachside charm.


Proximity to the Cruise Ship Port for Convenience


Just a short taxi ride from the cruise ship port, Straw Hat ensures a seamless transition, allowing for maximum enjoyment of Meads Bay's serene beach and exquisite cuisine.


Hibernia: Worth the Longer Taxi Ride from Crusie Ships- A Fusion of Art, Food and Garden


The enchanting garden at Hibernia

Welcome to Hibernia, the third gem in our curated list of top beachfront restaurants in Anguilla. Nestled along the shores, Hibernia offers cruise visitors a unique blend of culinary delights, a tranquil garden oasis, and an art gallery curated by its owners. Be sure to call ahead and make a reservation to step into a world where the French, Thai and Japanese flavors converge in an intimate beachfront setting.


Signature Dishes with a Fusion of French, Thai, and Japanese


Experience a fusion of international flavors, showcasing a perfect harmony of globally and locally sourced ingredients. Rave-worthy items include smoked fish, unique entrees, and delectable desserts.


Atmosphere and Ambience


Hibernia's setting is a testament to refined elegance, with a lush garden and an art gallery enhancing the overall dining experience. Whether indoors or in the serene garden, Hibernia offers a unique dining experience with a beautiful view.  


Proximity to the Cruise Ship Port for Convenience


While Hibernia is a bit further from the port, a taxi ride ensures a refined yet intimate beachfront experience. Advance reservations are advised to secure your seating.

Additional Culinary Gems: Tropical Sunset and Trattoria Tramonto


For those seeking more culinary adventures, Tropical Sunset Restaurant and Bar on Sandy Ground Beach offers a delightful blend of Caribbean and international flavors. Meanwhile, Trattoria Tramonto, perched atop a cliff overlooking the sea, provides a romantic setting and an authentic Italian dining experience with breathtaking views.


Restaurants in Sandy Ground Anguilla, Walking Distance From the Cruise Port

Elvis Beach Bar:

  • Voted the best beach bar on AXA, Elvis’ is on Sandy Ground Beach and welcomes cruise visitors with open arms. Elvis's is a lively beachfront setting where beach games, beach loungers, frozen drinks, and rhythmic beats make for the perfect Anguilla beach bar experience.


Tropical Sunset Restaurant and Bar:

  • Located on Sandy Ground Beach, Tropical Sunset captivates with its laid-back atmosphere and a menu that celebrates the best of Caribbean and international flavors, making it a perfect spot to unwind with fresh seafood and signature cocktails.


Roys Bayside Grill:

  • Roy's Bayside Grill offers a menu that pleases any palate, catering to guests of all ages. Reservations are not required but strongly encouraged, and guests are welcome to use the beach loungers. Experience the welcoming atmosphere and diverse menu within walking distance from the cruise port.


Barrel Stay Beach Front Restaurant:

  • As one of the oldest restaurants in Anguilla, Barrel Stay specializes in French Cuisine and Seafood dishes. Open for dinner only and requires a reservation, it offers an intimate beachfront setting.

In conclusion, Anguilla's beachfront dining scene is a testament to the island's unparalleled charm, offering cruise visitors a mix of culinary delights and breathtaking views to match any style. From the vibrant and lively atmosphere of Elvis Beach Bar to the serene beauty of Straw Hat on Meads Bay and the refined elegance of Hibernia with its garden oasis and art gallery, each restaurant provides a distinct and memorable experience. As you embark on your culinary journey in Anguilla, we encourage you to savor the unique flavors, embrace the island's cultural richness, and relish every moment by the sea. Here's to an extraordinary experience in Anguilla – where every meal is a memory in the making! Cheers to an extraordinary experience during your cruise stop in Anguilla!

Note - Images are all sourced from each business's Google profile.


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